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Summer's here, and I honestly don't think a girl can have too many shorts. The NYC weather was absolutely gorgeous today at a breezy 70 degrees, and I took some time to indulge myself in Times Square.
I originally wanted a pair of combat boots (because I'm wearing holes in my current pair, I love them to death), but it seems that no one in the entire area had any. So I decided to walk into Forever 21 and buy some shorts instead...which lead to matching tops. And since I'm sporting a short, curly afro 'do, I thought some fedoras wouldn't be a bad idea either. Then I continued traipsing around Times Square, went into a Strawberry to find some ostentatious baubles, but found this vibrant pair of floral shorts I HAD to have (and I'm not much for floral print, either.) I decided a $5 cami would do fine and I left, all excited with my recent purchase. 

Ah, but shoes. I still needed a pair, didn't I? My only pair of heels are rather uncomfortable to stroll in, so I pushed my way through the streets back to the 4-story Forever 21 store and scored these peep-toed babes ( I was originally looking for black booties, but a pair of 5-inch wedges would make me taller! #YOLO and all that, right?).  

I was supposed to buy some essentials when I set out of my apartment this morning, but now my wallet's all burnt through...oops! Try again next week, maybe?

On a completely relevant note, I'm dying to try the Housing Works thrift store on 74th and Columbus Ave. I've heard good things, so fingers crossed that my wallet suddenly gains some weight! 

...or I get a job, whichever comes first.