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It so happens that I don't do makeup. I've always been a little terrified that the makeup would ruin my skin, leading me to require more makeup. Alternately, it just takes TOO MUCH DARN TIME.
Do you guys remember Jessie J's "Do It Like A Dude" music video? If not, you're welcome! see them too, right? Spikes sticking out of Jessie J's perfectly made up chops. Anyway, I wanted these spikes to adorn my lips but I couldn't find a tutorial or materials anywhere. And then there were the Sephora ads for caviar nails: 

ohhh, the yummy goodness of it all!

The lips are all I want. So I decided to be a little proactive and educate myself on caviar lips, glitter lips, lip tattoos, bedazzled lips, etc. And I guarantee you that this will be the mother of all DIYs I do (at least for the rest of the year). Understandably, you don't wear rhinestoned lips for an ordinary day, but you know what? I;m a legal adult, I can do whatever I want, and if I wants my lips to shine, well, goshdarnit, so they shall. I'm probably gonna start working on my lip art (and possibly nail art?) In mid to late July, just so I'm all prepped for college and don't have to spend an hour in front of the mirror every morning before class. 

Here are more images for your thorough enjoyment: 

....and sometimes I'm not so sure....
...but that is one heck of a creation! :)

Honestly, the lip art trend, while a little absurd, is absolutely beautiful. So maybe it'll take a while before people actually paid attention to my words, and not the color of my lips. But it's a wonderful way to express anything you want, and I am 100% in favor of expressing oneself with all the body parts s/he so chooses, in all the ways s/he so chooses (legally, of course. Unless the law is stupid, as they seem to be a lot these days.)