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So I spent the entire day contemplating whether or not I should apply to model for ModCloth. I just did. Like, 15 minutes ago.  My nerves are being totally wracked at the moment, and I have no clue how long it will take for them to get back to me.
I was so nervous writing the email that I forgot to write entire chunks about how I go thrift store shopping for vintage pieces, and how I really do need a job during the school year because I need to pay for my college education. Oh, and I totally forgot to add in that I literally just gave up on extensions and I'm letting my hair grow out naturally, so my hair is no longer that artificial, soft, flowy mane. It's more of a curly mass at the top of my head. Awks. I'm sure they won't mind, if they take me. I can be a real model if someone gives me a chance to shine! I promise!
This is the picture I sent in the email along with a link to THIS BLOG RIGHT HERE!
....admit it. That's a pretty hot skirt.