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Off to college in 2 months eek!

As I looked through my suitcase(s), it occurred to me that I love attention. And what better way to attract it than be WEARING CLOTHES (novel concept, I know)!  We're not talking Lady Gaga-esque over the top, unless that's your style, but some of us want to step out of our dorms at 8 am in the morning looking like that girl from the front page of that magaizine. Hell, looking BETTER than that girl.
Step 1: Before you go to bed, take five minutes a day to work your facial muscles. Practice your smile, your grin, your laugh, your pouty face, your silly face, whatever. But make sure your face muscles feel the burn. Plus, the more you practice smiling, the easier it will be to do without thinking about it, and the happier you will be. Science. Believe it.
Grin like you mean it. You eventually will. 
Step 2: Wake up in the morning, do your duties, and then look in the mirror before putting anything on. Think like you're a model about to go in for a nude photoshoot, and boy do you look good! But alas, your professors prefer you to wear clothes. Killjoys.
Damn girl, don't hurt 'em. 
Step 3: (This can be done the weekend before, night before, or day of, whenever you have time to pick an outfit.) Pick one or two items in your closet that you want people to really really notice. While the aesthetic of the outfit as a whole is indisputably crucial, it's easier for people to remember one or two standout pieces.

Step 4: Think of the message you want to send. Yeah, fashion is a way to express yourself, and the only way to do that effectively short of wearing a sign around your neck is to think of what you want others to get from your outfit. Granted, not everyone will get the exact same message, but make it as blatant as possible. Fashion (along with facial expressions and body language), does affect people's perception of you, and you want EVERYONE to want to know you, right?
(Alternately, choose a defining theme. See Step 5.)

Step 5: Pick two or three simple, yet interesting pieces that match your WOW factor item of choice, but that also send the message you're trying to get across.
Yeah, I'm a real sweetheart...but watch your back!
Step 6: ACCESSORIES! bangles, earrings, take your pick. And if you're feeling daring, have them introduce a theme or sub theme. Like, religion. Yup, that's a cross. Interpret as you will. It's all your entire college will be talking about for the rest of the day.
I choose you!
Step 7: Get a bag. You didn't forget about that 8am class, did you? Of course not.

...Time to call ELLE Magazine, They'll probably want this killer ensemble on their front page.