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Fashion is my way of giving to charity and spreading goodwill among others (along with shopping at Salvation Army and Goodwill).
Fashion, for me has little to do with comfort. It is no fun being comfortable. Spicing up a wardrobe is synonymous to spicing up life.
And nothing is spicier than a little bit of uncertainty.

You'll wonder sometimes if those pants were a little over the top, or if that neon color is more clownish than aesthetically appealing.
Not everyone will like your look every day.
And the easiest way to vary your look is to change style cultures. I'm not talking wearing spikes one day and flowers the next. To truly understand fashion, you have to know what it's trying to say. Find a culture, learn its message, and do your very best to say it.

Fashion is not just for the eyes, but for the mind. Fashion is a way to make people think long and hard, not only about your motive behind wearing that one pair of "ridiculous" shoes, but also about your innate ability to turn them into what they were made for: pure art.
Fashion is not to make a simple passable outfit, but to create a masterpiece, day after day.
Some days, you'll look like you belong on the red carpet. And some days, you won't get it quite right.
But every single day, you would have made something new, unique, thought-provoking, and emotionally stirring.

P.S These sentiments are mine and I do not speak for anyone else.

P.P.S The images were an excuse for me to mess around with Paint and Photoshop Touch on the tablet.