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Hey guys! SO sorry I've been AWOL all wekend and then some. I've spent most of my time brainstorming a post series for the blog, and I did come up with one (check back tomorrow for the first post of the series, "A History Of..."). I also spent my weekend with my lovely man at BRONYCON 2012! I completely understand your confusion as to what that is, so allow me to enlighten you.

These are ponies. 
This is a bro. (John de Lancie, actually.) 
...and when John de Lancie wears this shirt....(which he SO did on July 1, 2012)

...he becomes a BRONY!

Honestly, bronies are (generally) not nerds who live in their mothers' basements playing Dungeons And Dragons and watching a show targeted at preteen girls. They are people who realize the genius of the show in that lessons are learned, the characters develop, the situations, though fantastical, are based on everyday real-life occurrences, and last, but not least, it's a feel-good show. One can't go through the show without much laughter, and one can't help but to feel significantly happier after each episode. I suggest you check it out!

Kizoa slideshow: BronyCon 2012 - Slideshow

...yes, I did purchase the entire 8-bottle collection of My Little Pony themed nail polish. Well worth it, too!