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Hey guys! 
I got the idea for this DIY from Annika of The Pineneedle Collective, and I thought they were awesome! Plus I had this really boring pair of flats that I wouldn't miss too much if anything were to happen to them.
I went to Funkkit's site and got two packets of the Alice design (because I adore Alice in Wonderland, and all the patterns and colors associated with it). I followed Annika's tutorial, and here are the before and after pictures!

Before (those are the stickers on the left-there are two strips per packet!)
Started by removing the laces

This was actually super fun to make! My design was wrapped around the entire shoe, so it took some time (it took me an hour, but I'm just clumsy) and an extra pair of stickers, but it was well worth it. I used tweezers to poke out the holes for the shoelaces. The Funkkit site says that these stay on for about a month, maybe a little less, and they're removable, so i can change up the pattern every so often, which is a pretty neat thought.

You guys should try it, I promise it's a fun experience, and you will always have a pair of interesting shoes!