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So. let's get something straight here. Jeffrey Campbell and Marc Jacobs are not the inventors of heel-less shoes, as our closets (or mine, at any rate) allow us to believe.
So if they're just riding the huge wave of heel-less footwear, who is behind it?
Noritaka Tatehana. Or so we think. He, being Lady Gaga's shoemaker (I'm quite sure there's a fancier title for that) rose to fame when she began running (or stumbling) around in his amazing designs. Now, we all know that she is not the first celeb walking around in these beauties as we can see here and here.

Well the furthest back I could go to find designer heel-less shoes was to AndrĂ© Perugia, who created his trademark heel-less shoes in 1937 (or some point around then), and titled them the Trompe D'Oeil (fool the eye). While it didn't catch on right away, I think that he deserves some credit. 

Notitaka Tatehana did not draw his inspiration from Perugia, but he says that he did draw on the old Japanese "game" of sorts where shildren would strap cans to the bottom of their sandals, draw strings through the cand and shoes, pill the strings, and attempt to walk in these clogs. This is known as Kan Pokkuri, and it makes sense that Tatehana is inspired by it, seeing as he himself is of that culture. 

The only question remaining is where Perugia got his inspiration, and why the style is suddenly so popular 75 years later. Maybe we'll never know. But great minds think alike, and the only thing we can do now is to go buy our very own pairs of super fancy heel-less shoes.