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Today was a really crazy day. It started off with a walk through 60th street between Lexington and 5th Avenues, which is where the Bastille Day NYC celebration was happening (I ate a crêpe for the second time in my life!) I and some friends then walked to 42nd Street where we watched Magic Mike (oh Alex Pettyfer.) I was a little bummed when I left the house that I didn't have enough time to apply some cobalt nail polish, but oh well. Overall, it was a really fun day, and I snagged a pair or tartan plaid jeans and two chain belts in silver and gold from H&M

I've decided that all my outfit posts from here on out will begin with " I Don't Believe in Cute." Which is true. I like to take risks when it comes to fashion, partially because I'm still pretty new at it, and partially because I like to change things up constantly. I actually feel like I have done something wrong when someone calls an outfit of mine "Cute", because to me, while it means it's aesthetically pleasing, it implies safety and a failure on my part to think originally. I'm not really on Riot Grrl status, but I like to provide the shock factor when people see my outfits. It doesn't matter if they've seen a piece before. Every single tine, I have to style it in such a way that it's unrecognizable, and therefore not applicable in the previous contexts I've worn them in. I have two mottos: "Never wear the same outfit twice", and "Every outfit is 1000 first impressions a day"(I like to think I made those up). I'm really glad I'm not required to be in school dress code anymore and that I have some times over the summer away from schoolwork to experiment with different styles, to research different cultures the produced different fashions, and to really redesign my wardrobe before college and think about the messages I want to send to people through my outfits. My main message is, naturally, who I am. I think that all or most of my outfits should show people that I'm sweet-natured, fun-loving, outgoing, and open to seeing the best in everyone and the world, but that doesn't make me naive, and I actually am acutely aware of my surroundings at all times and, if need be, I have an attitude. I want people to feel like they can approach me, but I also want them to understand that I'm pretty tough, too, and that I won't let anyone take advantage of me. 

That being said, I picked this outfit. It took some rummaging, because I've packed away a lot of the stuff I'm taking to college in a month, but I really wanted to wear these floral shorts. I'm not a huge floral person, but I thought it wouldn't hurt to try to style these when I saw them in the store (I was also planning to rip them a bit to make them "tougher", and I wouldn't be worried if I messed up because they were such a bargain). I haven't gotten around to DIY-ing anything, so I decided to pair them with some fishnet tights. I figured I wanted the shorts to do most of the popping in this outfit so I went with the black bralet (and the necklace, because my neck was a little bare). Looking at the length of these shorts, paired with a bralet, I felt pretty exposed, so I decided I'd add in some white to contrast the black, and my DIY jacket happens to be the only white article of outerwear I own. I figured the spikes on the shoulders and the embellishment on the back didn't shut out the punch of the shorts, so I added in some white patent boots that tied in perfectly with the black palette (haha, I made a punny!) of the tights, shorts, and top. And my hair, of course. 

Honestly, I didn't want to wear the belt, but the pants are a little loose around the waist and wouldn't stay up and I surprisingly don't own a plain black belt (I should remedy that).

I was definitely a little nervous wearing this out, because while it's summer, I'm actually not used to wearing short shorts or midriff-exposing tops, but I'll try anything once. I got over the self-consciousness of the situation really quickly though, and it was nice telling a guy I met in the subway about how I made the jacket. 

Black Bralet & Shoes- Boohoo
Floral shorts- Conway (it was a steal at $5, too!)
Jacket- DIY
Tights- Sock Dreams 
Necklace- NastyGal