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Sorry this post is so late, my tablet flipped out on me earlier when I was using Photoshop. On the bright side, it's still going up on the right day!
The "Part 1" in the title means that tomorrow, I'll be writing a commentary on Lana Del Rey's personal aesthetic.
This is a visual interpretation of Carmen from Lana Del Rey's "Carmen".

Let's be honest, there's no PG way around this song. It's about a 17 year old pole dancer (judging from her video) who's stunningly beautiful, charming, brilliant, adored by all who meet her, and, incidentally, a troubled alcoholic (who may or may not be dying from some disease). Well, now that we've gotten that out of the way, how can you channel your inner Carmen...appropriately?

The best thing about this song is that we get two sides to Carmen's story, which inspires two different outfits. Del Rey also gives us a personality description of this girl, as well as an outfit consisting of a red dress.

Dress- Asos
Cuff- NastyGal
Bag- Cambridge Satchel Company
Shoes- great knockoffs of Sam Edelman's Zoe, and can be found on eBay
Now. If you're 18 and over and want to dress up as a Lady of the Night for Halloween (or just go to a party), then you may don this raunchy outfit that Carmen would most likely wear from the hours of 10:30pm 'til 3am. Also, she would probably get a little chilly going to and coming from her night gigs, depending on the season and her location, so I threw in a faux fur jacket. 

Dress- DWDShoes
Tights- Costume Store
Faux Fur Jacket- Armani (but you can find that basically anywhere for much less than whatever Armani would sell it for)