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Lana Del Rey is the "gangster Nancy Sinatra", or so they say. And I can't argue with that. The two are eerily similar. Which leads me to this question: has Lana Del Rey created her own stylin' persona, or is she just slightly altering someone else's to appeal to today's audience? 

I can honestly say that the only difference between these two, as far as the type of clothing they wear in their music videos, is the fact that Lana Del Rey has "gangster" accessories, such as her "Bad" rings and large hoop earrings. Which is great. It's surprisingly not tacky, and it gives her an interesting look (almost as if she were an uptown girl that would fit right in with the modern "hood" lifestyle). Even her voice fits Nancy Sinatra's to a tee. However, Del Rey's music is more, well, "sadcore", as she says, whereas Sinatra's sound is more upbeat, peppy, and happy. 

I love Lana Del Rey's songs, regardless of who she is and who she may not be, but I find it oh so difficult to view her outside of her music and videos for one reason: Her "gangster Nancy Sinatra" style remains always and forever in her music, and barely translates anywhere else. While she pulls off a sports jacket and backwards baseball hat with a bright purse, the visual aesthetic is not quite the same. We don't get the look of simple elegance mixed with innate badassery as we do in her videos. Her floral wreaths, bad girl jewelry, and bumped-up hair seem to remain on the set once she leaves it. While she does look good on the street, it's not exceptional or remarkable in the least. She looks...simple. A simple city girl walking the streets of Hollywood. And if that's who she really is, then so be it.