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Everyone has their style icons. The intangible superhuman beings that are envied, admired, and revered. The gods and goddesses of fashion that reign in the back of every fashionista's mind each morning as they paw through heaps of fabric, seeking inspiration. But few remember that there were and will continue to be steps along the way, as each of us discovers and rediscovers his or her personal aesthetic. And for some of us, those icons weren't necessariy, well, real. These are my top 6 "fictional" style icons, past and present.

1. Cruella de Vil

Cruella de Vil is quite the villainous character in 101 Dalmatians, but I've always been intrigued by her villainy ever since I was 5. She didn't want world domination and absolute power. She wanted a new coat. She wanted to create a fresh, unique, trendsetting item, and judging from her (presumably) fox fur coat and a matching purse that made pretty good use of the tails, she was a determined woman who wouldn't take no for an answer. I don't support animal cruelty, but she was a smart woman (puppies have softer fur y'know...can't just wait until they reach the end of their lives) and I can see where she was coming from. 

2. Number 5

At first glance, Number 5 may not appear to be fashionable. But to a 9 year old me, she was golden. Not only was she dark-skinned, she also had long hair (which I really wanted back then) and a whole lot of attitude. Now, looking back, it occurred to me that neither Number 3 nor Number 5 , the two girls on the Kids Next Door team, wore pants. It's not too relevant, but I can't help but to admire a girl who kicked major butt with no pants on.

3. Shego
Shego was a badass girl with laser-shooting hands, luxurious silken hair (even during intense battles with Kin Possible), and hips that would fill a Valentino dress beautifully. I honestly believe that it is because of her that green became my favorite color. Did I mention, Shego's spandex unitard is the vision of colorblocked perfection!

4. Ember McLain

Ember McLain is one of the many ghosts who fights and is banished (several times) into the Ghost Zone by Danny Phantom. When she was alive, Ember was an outcast in high school, and she dreamed of being a rockstar. She died the morning after being stood up by a boy she liked when her house caught fire. In the ghost world, however, Ember's made it big. She's a rockstar who writes hypnotizing songs(quite literally) and gets to be this guy's girlfriend. Way to go, Ember! (Check out those shoes and that eye makeup!)

5. Yzma
Yzma's daily hilarious attempts to depose Kuzco do not, in my eyes, overshadow her exceptional sense of style. From her red and black cape to her exquisite headdresses and her ever-changing hair styles, Yzma is capable of turning dress-up to dress-down in the blink of an eye. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to raid her evil closet. 

6. Miss Piggy
Miss Piggy isn't actually fictional. She's quite real. Project Runway competitors had to design for her. She hosted BAFTA's 2012 Red Carpet Show. She is an international style sensation. Miss Piggy has never been caught in a fashion faux pas, and her ego has been justified since her first appearance in 1974. Never mind not being 5'9" and thin. She knows her body, and is confident in it (and in her acting abilities). Miss Piggy has been and will doubtless continue to be the fashion world's and my style muse for years to come.