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Hey guys!
I have returned! I'm actually only halfway through college orientation, and it's actually been pretty draining to the point where I've lost my voice and have to rely on ostentatious pants to keep people aware of my presence. However, college is fun (got a #yolo tattoo at sorority/fraternity recruitment...temporary, of course) and I'm becoming acquainted with the campus :)
I submitted my first entry for CollegeFashionista this morning, and it goes live next week, so I'm really excited for you guys to get a peek at what I'll be doing at college for the rest of the semester!
For the past few months, I've adored Steve and Aphrodite, the bloggers of THESTYLEMANIFEST, and I'm really proud to say that I've finally gotten an interview out of them!
...Actually, they were really compliant, it just took me a while to write the interview...
Don't forget to check out their blog!

Q:  How did you two meet, and when did you decide to start your blog?

A: Ooouu that was a really funny story! We met while clubbing in our hometown Dortmund. It was fate! Actually we both wanted to go to totally different locations with our friends and finally we landed both at the same club, saw each other and BAM! That was the beginning of our love story…
The idea for our blog came about one year ago. After we had the idea, we started to build our concept. After months of brainstorming and research we finally got online on April 1ST.
Right now we have nearly 3500 fans on facebook and 1000 members or rockers how we call them. It´s really crazy!

Q: (Steve) What is it about Rock´n´Roll that inspires your fashion sense?

A: You should ask Aphrodite about that! She is the Rock´n´Roll part of us and our blog. It´s the music she listens to and her love for leather and studs…and the Rock´n´Roll lifestyle that inspires her. She loves going to heavy metal concerts, festivals and you should see her headbanging! Like last time when we were at a Parkway Drive concert.

Q: (Aphrodite) How do you get dressed in the morning?

A: Getting dressed in the morning is for we always a mood thing and always spontaneous. I never waste much time too much time in thinking about what I should wear. It just happens…I stand in front of my closet and just grab something I would like to wear. Normally I start with the pants (mostly denim) and then the rest is easy and the result is always great! (haha)

Q: (Aphrodite) Who are your top 3 favorite designers and why?

A: This is very difficult to answer since my favorite designers are too many. I love clean and minimalistic designers like Acne, Celine, Stine Goya. Sorry, I have to mention more. There is also Isabel Marant, IRO and Alexander Wang that are really some of my top designers. I love Alexander Wang because his fashion always has a dark side, IRO is very hot and sexy (I love the sequined items most) and Isabel Marant is just…Isabel Marant, you know? BUT my heart beats for Sinclair! I honestly fell in love with this brand! It´s a denim label based in L.A. and every peace is made with so much love and passion by designer Vincent Dean Flumiani and is the best denim I every tried!

Q: What do you do in your free time when you're not working, blogging, or shopping?

A: Actually we are so busy with our blog right now that the time is really worth a mint! We love to hang out with our friends, take some drinks, good food and go clubbing. We also love to chill and spend time together…