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I've been debating the pros and cons of white jackets this entire summer. I'd actually never considered wearing a white jacket before, but as an incoming college freshman, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to spice up my closet a bit. A white blazer didn't seem appealing at all to me, partially because I already have trouble fitting into blazers (my arms are pretty muscular, so they only fit into size 12 or 14 jackets while the rest of my torso wears a size 10), and partially because I'm actually pretty reckless once I have an outfit on, and won't remember to take off the jacket before I dig into some spicy Indian curry.
I gave up on the white jacket idea last week, and got a turquoise blazer from H&M instead (which I'm very much in love with).

Last night, I was perusing ModCloth, and happened upon this beauty (I was actually really embarrassed that I hadn't considered the existence of white leather jackets....whoops).
Buy it here (if you dare) for $179.99!
While it's not exactly up my price alley, it's still pretty awesome. The spikes are pretty trendy, and I sat in front of my computer dreaming of all the sweet innocent-looking frocks I could harden up with this jacket, the right pair of tights (I'm really into garter tights right now) and distressed combat boots. 

While I'll drool over this (and save up!) as my dream statement jacket, I did find this significantly more affordable jacket on ModCloth as well. 
Buy it here for $74.99!
While it does have less of the bling! factor, it does still have the asymmetrical zipper-to-collar, and definitely looks a lot sleeker than its biker-child counterpart. In addition, more people might prefer the fitted nature of this jacket as opposed to the cropped fit, depending on one's body type (I have a ridiculously short torso, so cropped tops actually appear normal on me). 

Need some inspiration for how to rock a white leather jacket this fall? Check out this pic of photo blogger Hanneli Mustaparta!
Source: Marcy Swingle of Gastro Chic