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After writing a post on how to shop online, I've realized it's a bit difficult to keep all the online stores I browse through in my head. And then there are the questions: Where do you shop? Where can I get that? Why are your clothes so cool? 
Well, I have a more than slight aversion to loaning out my clothes, simply because I try to buy stuff I actually wear, and I feel like the balance of my world is destroyed every time I loan something out and it isn't returned exactly 24 hours later. So, for all you stylish gals out there, here is an almost comprehensive list of all my favorite stores. I will point out that I do buy most clothes from Boohoo, NastyGal, and Wasteland, simply because they cater most closely to my personal style. My shoes come from all over though. Dolls Kill has some really great ones that are fun to look at, and SoleStruck has the most gorgeous works of art.... (the FINSK shoes carried by Solestruck are pricey at $1000, but they leave me drooling and gasping for air each and every time I go on).

Stores that really should be in my shopping bookmarks folder but aren't due to extreme idiocy on my part:

If you would like to discover some up-and-coming stores and boutiques every so often, or just find reasonably priced things, I suggest: 

These are a few sites to help you get started (or continue) your potentially dangerous and life-ruining online shopping habit! Don't forget to set up a separate account for shopping, and if you have a job or get an allowance, funnel a reasonable amount of money into that account. That way, not only can you shop till your account runs dry, but you  can also have the satisfaction of knowing you won't actually go broke and can still pay your bills or save up