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Do you know what it feels like for a girl in this world?

I recently came across an article by Sean Carroll entitled "Scientists, Your Gender Bias is Showing" which presented the findings of an experiment conducted to determine how large the bias against women in science was, compared to men. The results were flat-out staggering.
It turns out that in the world of science, if two equally competent people, male and female, apply for the same position, the female applicants will be seen as less competent, less hireable, and less capable of mentorship than the male applicants (with the exact same application, just with a male name at the top). In addition, the starting salaries offered to men were considerably much higher than those offered to the female applicants.

I can't begin to understand the the supposed progress we should have made as a nation, especially judging by a study like this. Understandably, we see that this experiment was conducted in the world of science, but there isn't any evidence to show that this isn't a prevalent issue in other professions. I mean, there's already the ongoing issue for equal pay for women.

An example that hits close to home for me (as a studying scientist) is the case of Rosalind Franklin. She independently discovered the secondary betastructure of DNA (double helix). But wait, you say! Wasn't it Francis Crick and James Watson who discovered the structure of DNA?


No it wasn't.

It turns out her work (which included her X-ray diffraction images of the DNA strands) was shown, without her knowledge to Watson and Crick as they were working on this issue in their labs. They gave her marginal recognition, as did the world of science in general (though her papers were published in a three part Nature series of DNA.

This begs the question: what does being a girl mean in today's society? We are told to be demure, ladylike, "reasonable" (read: submissive), but we are taught that we are equal to men in every right, and that we should take advantage of our equality. But are we? We cannot be soft-spoken and not be underestimated. We cannot be both submissive and assertive. We are encouraged to act like a lady and think like a man, as if thinking like an individual, regardless of gender, won't get us anywhere in life.

Is there no win-win? Will there not be a time in which everyone is happy to be considered equal, to be judged based on personal qualities rather than what's supposedly in your pants?
I honestly believe that we, as women, need to step up our game, and we, as a nation, need to pull our heads out of our asses and stop pretending like this is an imagined slight.