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Well, after going through 2 weeks of college (eek) it suddenly occurred to me that people have to know something about whatever it is that they do. And while fashion for me has been a hobby for the past year, and hopefully it will continue to be, I also want to know more about the fashion world. So I took it upon myself to get these books to peruse until my fingers fell off.
Personally, fashion was simply an extension of art and color, and I started out matching colors and patterns. I still do, and sometimes it's still really hard for me to master textures and cuts. I'm hoping that reading these books (and drooling over all the pictures, of course) will enlighten me about what it is I'm doing, and how to do it better.

On the bright side, I'll try to coerce someone into taking pictures of me, because I really really like my outfits as of late. I'm a double major in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science, and I love getting confused for an Art or Drama/Theater major!