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Turband- Babooshka Boutique
Bra & Boots-GoJane
Shirt- NastyGal

Earrings and "Nerd Glasses"- eBay
I'm so bitter that I missed Fashion's Night Out on the 6th! This is my first official year in fashion, and instead I spent it mulling over some calculus problems relating to different types of discontinuities (yikes!). 

Anyway, this is a quick view of what I wore yesterday (Sept. 7). It was about 90 degrees in Pittsburgh, and I'd just bought a spiked bra from GoJane the week before. The bra had been sitting on my couch for a few days while I tried to think of ways to style it without looking like trash. Needless to say, it was quite the attention-getter for the whole day, a wonderful conversation starter, and most importantly, a blast to wear.

Don't ever lack the confidence to try out a new style, because it's almost guaranteed to be a fun learning experience no matter what! (Do be wholesome and practical about it, though.)

(I'm really sorry I only had one picture of the outfit because this picture was actually taken at about 3:45am after a 1am showing of The Avengers on campus!)