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So....this is the new Studded Chainlink Wedge Bootie from GoJane, which I actually found on their Facebook page. I'm all for crazy shoes, and judging by the descriptive blurb next to the product on their site, I'm sure that that GoJane is perfectly aware of that too. However, is this a little too much? 
I'm going to take the time to say that I am a huge fan of GoJane, and I completely respect them, and am always satisfied with their service. Granted, I have seen many a wacky shoe go to the "sale" section and stay there for ages, never to be bought by anyone. But I've always wondered exactly who designs these shoes, and why stores buy them.

This, in my mind, is not quite a train wreck, but it is pretty garish. I understand that commercial designers try to appeal to a much larger demographic of people, and that stores who feel like the item fits in with who they're targeting will buy their work. But...who does this appeal to? There have been many Facebook comments on the picture of the shoe, many claiming they "LOVE IT!!!!" and that it's "so cute omg!"  I personally feel like it could have been absolutely #badass, as GoJane claimed, if it didn't look like a 5 year old took to bedazzling an otherwise dope shoe. 

Yes, it's crucial for GoJane to have shoes that make a statement (no matter how loud), seeing as they are mostly known for their assortment of shoes. However, I personally don't see a statement of any sort being made by this shoe, other than slightly questionable taste, or that the person wearing it likes to be garish.

I do, however, realize that this would be styled best by an all black outfit with one more gold tone nearer the top, be it a studded hat, a bracelet, earrings, or a necklace. I would prefer all the large gold jewel embellishments to disappear, leaving a simple black booties with the draped chains on the back. Those say classy, yet tough (basically what the word "badass" has come to mean). I believe that the front detracts attention from the back of the shoe, and it would be painful to look at if the jewels weren't arranged in some sort of order (much appreciated).  

I'm totally aware that this is my opinion and I speak for myself, because despite my bitter taste for these shoes, I still find this hat okay to wear out in public.