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Sweater: Mad Love Skeleton Sweater
Tights: See You Monday from H&M
Skirt: Forever21
Shoes: Dolls Kill

I entered these images of me wearing Wildfox x Jeffrey Campbell's Ballet Platform in the Dolls Kill Be A Doll competition! I've never entered a competition before, so I'm pretty excited. I really like them they're awesome! Although rather heavy, I must admit. But fun to walk in and get compliments in nonetheless.

Also, I was offered a spot as a fashion contributor on Fashion Parkway, and I'm super psyched to start! I just applied yesterday, too, so it was a pleasant Monday morning surprise :)

Here is an outfit I wore later in the day after the above pictures were taken:

I personally like this outfit a lot better, despite the fact that the shearling coat sheds like CRAZY! I definitely felt more comfortable and like more of a badass while wearing this second outfit. Although I love the shoes, it was my first time wearing them and they weren't very practical for when I was rushing to and from classes. Will definitely wear them on a slower day, though.