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I really liked this outfit! I was originally going to wear the jacket with a different ensemble, but the weather was a little more windy that I thought it would be, so the other outfit wouldn't have been very practical, and I would have been freezing. I fell in love with these velcro spiked wedge sneakers from GoJane, because I have an obsession with hardware on my clothes, and I thought velcro was very convenient (who didn't want the no-lace shoes in elementary school!). Also, I needed more primary colors in my shoes so that I wouldn't have to worry about lacking the shoes for any particular outfit. In general, though, it's just nice walking down the street feeling like a total badass. :)

I'm going to be a little busy for the next day or so writing my first post for Fashion Parkway tomorrow! I have to submit it by the 15th. I'll post links to the article(s) here on the blog once they go live!