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So this was a lot of fun to do, and I got permission from my friend Max Emiliano Gonzales to use his art in the shoot! This piece is called Project Leave Your Mark. His stuff is actually tons of awesome, and you can check out more of his work here:
I never actually used the spray paint, though I did inadvertently get some on my hand. Lots of other people around campus are out having fun spray-painting the train car to death, and I'm super psyched that this project is such a success.

This is my favorite sweater ever, and I bought it from NastyGal. It's from their new collection, and this one is the Data Intarsia Sweater. It actually can be worn as a dress if you're short enough, like I am (5'4.5")! The glasses came from eBay (becaue these are the originals, and WOWZA! they're pricey), and I originally got them because a) Lady Gaga had 'em, and b) because my Halloween costume basically requires it. It's also warmer than i expected it to be, which was definitely slightly uncomfortable in 81 degree weather. The high quality made it worth the price ($128), and I'm also super excited to see what else NastyGal comes up with!