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I found this gem on Coal N Terry Vintage last night, and I'm hooked. I've been trying to cut down ton the amount of spiked items I buy because it's been getting a little excessive, but this was an absolute must-have. I've always been attracted to wild animals (a little weird, huh?) and this was one of the most perfect things in the world. The detail, the expression, the was everything one looks for in a piece of art. The price tag is a little steep at $218, but I honestly doubt that there are other jackets like this floating around on the internet.

Now, on to the fun part, which is styling! When wearing this jacket, it's obviously got to be the center of attention. It is practically illegal to wear any other attention-catching item of clothing with this piece. The wolf might eat you at night if you do. I decided that like the model, a simple black busier like the Sweetheart Bustier from NastyGal would work, but I wasn't really feeling the extra studs on the model's shorts, so I decided to go with these gold leggings, or alternately, these black ones. Leggings to me say trans-seasonal, but they also say appropriate (if opaque and not heinously tight). I also picked leggings over shorts because with this jacket being oversized, I would thoroughly enjoy a more fluid, vertical look to the outfit, instead of it looking a bit chopped up. A simple pair of black or red heels or platforms would work well to tie the whole look together.

Wolf's Clothing
I'm so excited to get my jacket in the mail, mostly because I want to have a she-wolf in my closet, but also because I want to wear this jacket into the winter, where I'd pair it with some jeans and a scarf and hat.

On a completely different note, here's for you Pokemon/Psy fans: