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...take your pick really, profundity isn't my strong point when it comes to outfit names. 

Crown: NastyGal via Cult Gaia
Shirt: NastyGal
Bustier: NastyGal
Shorts: 70's Vintage Fringe Shots

This is the most vintagey-looking picture in the whole set, and is by far my absolute favorite. Normally, 
the night photos happen because both my photographer (friend) and I are busy or lazy. But tonight, she felt that the outfit would actually look much better in the night. N.B. the shirt is, in fact, a blush pink, not white, as it is pictured here. Also, no, the shirt doesn't actually have a front, except for the buttons attaching to the collar and back of the shirt. It is epic coolness. 
I like pretending I'm a much more profound and princessey version of Lana del Rey when I have the crown on! However, a few people mistook this for a strange 1950's hairstyle from a distance. I got this crown from NastyGal, which got it from Cult Gaia, and I fell in love with it partially due to the packaging. I'm a sucker for good packaging and cute notes, and not only did it come with a packet of pink glitter (I assume it goes on the crown at some point), but there's a little sticker with the logo and manifesto on it. Check them out here!