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Yesterday was really cold and windy due to Hurricane Sandy, and that unfortunately seemed to stifle the general spirit of Halloween festivities on campus, which was pretty tragic. However, a few people (myself included) still dressed up, and there was a group of people who offered to take semi-professional pictures of people in costume for only $10 for a ten-minute session, so they could create a Facebook competition for free tickets to the school fashion show. I decided to take advantage of it with my friend, Tiffany, because I get a free photographer for the blog, right? Actually I'd taken some pics earlier anyway, but this background here is significantly better than the baroque-printed carpet. 

I dressed up as Minnie Mouse, and I decided to go all out, while still being practically dressed for the atrociously windy and wet weather. I decided to go for long-sleeved spandex, a skirt from Rue 107, oversized Minnie Mouse gloves from Amazon (which are actually well insulated), an infinity scarf, and yellow rainboots. Minus my legs and face, I managed to remain pretty warm. I also used a tiny bit of red lipstick on my lips to achieve a light pink, and used eyeliner to make my nose mouse-like. I also threw in a tail for believability (which wasn't nearly as inconvenient as I presumed it would be. 
Tiffany dressed as Catwoman, and we drew her mask on with liquid eyeliner, which came out surprisingly well for a 20-minute last ditch effort costume. 

This was my first official Halloween ever, in which I took time and effort to get a costume and dress up, and even though not many people were in costume on campus, I think it was definitely worth it. Next year, I might go dressed as Poison Ivy! It would be fun to make the entire costume, don' you think?