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These foxes are totally amazing and cute and just the smallest touch of creepy, and it was lots of fun walking around campus and having people ogle the ears that come off the shoulder. It's like a 3D effect! At least, I think that's what all the weird looks were. It may have been because I refused to wear anything over it so as to showcase the ears, and people thought I might've been cold. I wasn't though, this thing is double-layered!

I believe that short skirts and short shorts should be worn in the winter. So I got some sweater tights from Macy's. These things are actually SUPER DUPER WARM. Kinda like this bed (my friend and I were too damn lazy to go outside because it was cold, so she suggested we do a bed shoot. Also, she's really good at lighting and stuff like that, so this worked out well).
Choies has quickly become one of my new go-to companies for finding especially odd creations for things I need (I needed a sweater, I found this baby)! The color is especially striking, and I feel like it gives the wearer youth and whimsy, without making me look like I'm 5 years old again.I actually can't get over the cuteness of the foxes' eyes and ears though.I also need to switch to a different shoes, because I keep wearing my creepers so I can feel taller. No one seems to believe I'm a measly 5'3.5", and PROUD OF IT. Kinda. :)
Sweater: Choies
Shorts: PLNDR
Tights: Macy's
Shoes: NastyGal