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I love cats. Except hairless cats, because those are really scary. But otherwise, cats are basically the greatest animals on the planet. Surpassing even humans. They have so much attitude (regardless of size or domesticated status), which these leggings reflect perfectly. 

This bridge is pretty. It's the 10 minute shortcut between off campus housing (where I live) and the rest of the school. 
The other day, I painted my left hand purple/pink, and my right hand green/blue, and both hands had gold on the ring fingers. I was completely unaware that both hands perfectly matched my leggings till now. It was basically the most perfect coincidence ever!
It was actually much, much colder than I expected it to be when I went out dressed like this. While I think it was nice that I tried to have some foresight, my arms and hands were ready to snap off about a quarter of the way through the shoot, because it took a significant amount of time (5 minutes) to walk all the way to the bridge. I ended up spending the rest of the day wrapped in a blanket and my bed comforter to remain warm (and healthy, since I'm still a little sick). 
Leggings: Lovelysally