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I think black and white pictures are very moody. Also, it makes the building look really old and on its way towards being decrepit. Too bad it's a perfectly legit courthouse.

The sky seems a lot darker than it actually was. but that's okay, it's still pretty.
I wanted to go for casual, since I wasn't doing anything particularly special for Turkey Day other than stuffing my gob (yay puns!). I went for NastyGal's Bottom Line tee with black leather sleeves and a strip of black leather paneling on the back tail end, some lave bandage leggings, a white beanie hat, and these Jeffrey Campbell Revel Platform shoes, which I adore. I threw in a black scarf in case it got chilly all of a sudden, and decided to wear the Dagger Earrings I'd just recently bought.
I went to a pond behind one of the larger campus dorms (which was basically deserted because everyone left for Thanksgiving break). Someone had chalked this into one of the decorative grooves in the wall. I think Alys of Fashion Moriarty would enjoy this. There was also the Deathly Hallows symbol on the floor a little further up, but my camera battery died just before I was about to take it, and my phone wasn't on me, so boo, no Instagram picture, either.
It's times like this where I wish I were a model of some sort, because my eyeballs are looking in a different direction than my body is pointed to. I also wish I had black lipstick because I think that would have looked awesome. I tried what I call the "broken clavicle" pose. Leaned forward a bit too far, but I'm trying to get the hang of this picture-posing thing using the Model Toolbox app I got from the Android app store. I think it's working!

Tee: NastyGal
Leggings: Romwe
Shoes: NastyGal
Earrings: Wasteland