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This sculpture is outside the WQED studio in Pittsburgh, where Mister Rogers' Neighborhood was produced. It's a pretty rusty structure, but pretty stable. It's pretty unimposing, though, so it escapes, unobserved, as I walk by everyday on my way to campus.  

So, this is the Le Souris skirt from Lovelysally, and it's amazing, but I had some trouble keeping it from riding up. When double sided tape failed me, I resorted to safety pinning my tights, my spandex shorts, and my skirt together at the sides to keep it in place. It was a great idea until I needed to use the bathroom. Also, I have no clue what face I was making in this picture. 
This is my favorite picture, because this face represents my true personality. Yes, I'm wearing Minnie Mouse ears on a normal day. Judge much? At least I made some old people happy to remember their childhoods  and excited a couple of kids, some college peeps, and a homeless person. Not sure how the Catholic high school boys reacted though. 
Skirt: Lovelysally
Peplum top: H&M
Cardigan: NastyGal (by Ladakh)

P.S. I originally wanted to make a duo-post with yesterday's Space Cat Laser leggings and today's Le Souris Skirt and call it "Cat and Mouse." But then I thought, ehh, too cheesy.