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I apologize for not being around much these past few days, and I've really missed blogging (it's amazingly calming), but I've had a lot of studying to, seeing as school is one of my top priorities. Also, I've been super sick too, hacking all over the place (gross)! But fear not, I have not neglected my blog or the fashion world! In fact, I've spent must of my AWOL time being extremely busy:

Reading articles

...from Eek! That title's a little harsh (and scary), isn't it? Read more here.

The Gloss provided this highly amusing article, that also seems strangely accurate...this is a must-read. And after reading, we should all practice with English accents while sticking out noses as high up in the air as we can.

And look! Both articles involve Anna Wintour. This woman's basically the definition of ubiquitous. But we all knew that.

Discovering new & established fashion blogs this:
I mean, this girl likes Sherlock (the BBC version) and fashion! I wish we could be besties, because finding this blog basically made my life.

Planning out my winter wardrobe 

...(aka buying things I don't need but really want)

Icy Winter

Learning how to do fashion illustration

...starting with figure drawing!

I found this absolutely rad site, I Draw Fashion, that has step by step tutorials on how to draw like, everything from face shapes to male and female bodies to wedding dress body templates.

P.S. She also has an Etsy shop for illustrations! Totally hanging these jeans up in my room.

....and much more (not really, this was pretty much it)!