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I was in the mood for a slightly juvenile look. It was fun that lots of people appreciated the smiley faces, since it was a bit wet out (hence the boots). Awkwardly, turns out that my school was hosting an event for little kids, who seemed to appreciate it a little too much. I was originally not going to wear the earmuffs, but they were just sitting on my table as I was about to walk out the door, and I was like, hey! they match the shoes! So, on they went.
I didn't feel like wearing pants, because I decided that I could pull off this black and white sweater as a dress. Also, I wanted to wear more knee-high socks. It's my new winter thing. Knee-highs (and thigh-highs).
I got these garter suspenders from Sock Dreams, because I figured they'd be the best way to keep my socks up and my skirts/dresses down.  They're super effective! But they're adjustable, and work really well, actually. Plus they're cute.
The cuff is pretty dramatic, and I got it from GoJane.
 See the nail polish color that doesn't belong? WELL IT DOES BECAUSE IT MATCHES THE OUTFIT.
I got on the floor for this one, no joke. The floor, I tell you. THE FLOOR OF A COLLEGE DORMITORY HALLWAY. Please appreciate the presumed artsiness in this photo.

Sweater: Wasteland
Earmuffs: NastyGal
Cuff Bracelet: GoJane
Knee-highs & Garter Suspenders: SockDreams 
Shoes: PrettyLittleThing or Boohoo (I don't remember)