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So I officially go on Christmas break on Tuesday night, and I considered doing a mass outfit shoot, in which I'd take pictures of like, 5 different outfits in one night so I'd have an excuse to be lazy for at least the first part of break. I realized half an hour into this outfit that it takes too long to shoot just one with my average photography skills, so I just went out to eat after I was done with this.
If you'll notice, all the pictures are shifted over to the right. That started out intentionally, because I like it when some shots aren't perfectly symmetrical, but then NONE OF THEM WERE SYMMETRICAL. This whole self-photography learning curve is steep, I kid you not.

I was linked today to The Sin List, a web page that lists everything the Bible deems sinful. After reading (and looking up some verses for reference), it dawned on me that sometimes, organized religion sounds completely ridiculous in my brain. It's really not for everyone, just like not everyone likes broccoli or cream cheese. And it's awfully rude to force other people into your religion through physical violence or any threat whatsoever. I don't care what sin #657 says, I will love my life the best I can. 
Since I respect the religion I was raised with, but decided not to be a part of it, and since I try not to ironically  wear symbols of things I do not understand, I paid homage to the values that Christianity has taught me with this outfit. This is an obituarial ensemble, because I'm waiting for my mom to read this post and realize that I've decided to be independent of any and all organized religions while still studying as many as I can as objectively as possible. In other words, I'm dead meat once she gets a whiff of this. Probably disowned. 
Also, since I know you were wondering, I'm not so sure what's up with my face either. It's all shiny and judgmental for no good reason.
In other news, the Jeffrey Campbell NSFW Platform boots that I got off NastyGal on Black Friday are RIDICULOUS. They are the first heeled shoe I've ever come across that not only make me incredibly tall, but keep my feet painless for hours on end. I have a hard time walking in shoes with a steep sole because I have flat feet, no ankle flexibility, and severe bunions (no pain, just about as deformed as they get) from birth. So you can imagine how happy I was when I wore these out. Comfortably. The question of how long I could last in shoes that made me look this good was never asked. 
Also, admit it. they're pretty cool-looking.

Madrid Wool Hat: NastyGal
Studded Cross Blouse: GoJane
Metallic Striped Shorts: H&M
Gothic Cross Tights: Asos
NSFW Platform Boots: NastyGal, by Jeffrey Campbell