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I've been looking forward to writing a title post that sounds like a collaboration between two entities. This one is obviously misleading.
 I really wanted to wear a bra out in public. I found this beauty by Belle of the Brawl, and decided that it's okay to wear since there's an obvious lack of chestyness going on here. Then I paired it with this Forever 21 hi-lo skirt, and raised it high enough to protect my belly from the cold. People kept thinking I was wearing a dress that exemplified school spirit, or something like that.
I finally got the Rookie Yearbook and I'm so excited and haven't been able to put it down. The writing is fantastic, the pictures are inspring, the content ranges from serious to humorous, and all of it is fun to read and understandable. I'm also getting a special turntable for Christmas so that I can play the flexidisc in the mag, and the Meadham Kirchhoff paper crown is going into my newly developed crown collection.
 Speaking of crowns, some people seemed to notice that my hair was in an afro. Truth is, I was running late to math lecture and didn't know what to do so I put on the floral crown and squished my hair down a little. I think crowns work to hide the fact that my mane isn't long and flowy like other people's are, and I have to wait like 10x as long to get hair down to my back-SANS stretching/perming/relaxing. Also, I wanted people to notice the boots, and how one of them was folded over to reveal the plaid inside (to keep the obvious theme going, of course). Someone commented on my "error". I smiled and said thank you.
This was a super cute shoot (one of MANY in the book), and I totally loved it. This is the only preview you guys get, because everyone should go buy one! I know some people have an aversion to Tavi Gevinson, because she's young, or they don't know why she's famous, or a variety of reasons. But after perusing her blog (all the way from the very beginning), I realized that she is actually really cool, and reminds me of how I am: convicted, impulsive, and creative. It's wonderful that she does what she loves, and even better that she does it well.  I'm not as hardworking though. The whole starting a teen magazine thing would probably just sit in my idea notebook because I'd be too lazy to do anything about it.
My mom keeps calling me to complain about how I don't look warm enough in my pictures, since it IS Pittsburgh and it is cold. This trench is one of the most beautiful things I own. It zips up all asymmetrical and funky, and is part leather. I've developed a love for clothes and accessories that have unexpected zippers that add to the structure of the garment or item. Do you like it, mom?
Bra: Dolls Kill (by BOTB)
Coat: Choies
Skirt: Forever 21
Socks: Sock Dreams
Crown: NastyGal (by CultGaia)