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This picture was actually a complete accident. I was trying to test how well using a white sheet on the floor would work with a white wall as a background, when my friend Flora took a picture of me as I was about to get up after a previous shot. After "Auto Tone"-ing it on Photoshop, this masterpiece happened. It's my favorite shot (of me) in the world right now!

I've recently been obsessing over Ashely Joncas, a f#*!ing awesome fashion blogger/visual artist. I completely love her work, and I wish I were that good at photography and editing. She also uses a tripod, because we college kids don't always have access to personal photographers. I also noticed that it's a lot less distracting when there's nothing going on behind my outfit, so I'm totally diggin' the white backgrounds.
A huge problem I kept having was that when the exposure was turned all the way up, the wall looked white, but THE CARPET IS GREEN. Like a gross green color, too, and I really like my shoes to be a part of my outfit a lot of the time. So I decided to solve my problem by using a bedsheet, graciously loaned to me by a friend. And it worked like a charm. I'm standing in front of a white wall, standing on a white sheet, and you can't see where I taped the sheet to the wall with pink duct tape. Isn't that exciting?
On a completely different note, I tried Lime Crime's Serpentina lipstick that I got from eBay, and I have to admit that I love it. It has wonderful staying power if you use Lip Primer Potion from Urban Decay,  put the lipstick on,  use the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray, top it off with the Oil Slick lipstick and don't eat. Just kidding, you should eat, but it will need reapplication. Your lips also stay moisturized all day, so that's a plus. 

Slash Knit Sweater: NastyGal
Spiked Hat: eBay (or Romwe)
 Serpetina Lipstick: eBay, by Urban Decay
Kloss Horse Shoes: ShopJeen, by Cheap Monday 
Jordan Skinny Jeans in Shatter: NastyGal, by Motel