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Let's be honest: fashion blogs are the new thing, and it seems like you can find them a dime a dozen. But why is fashion blogging so popular and attractive? And what makes it great to be a fashion blogger right now?
Other than the fact that you can get lots of people to admire your unique style and opinions and blah blah blah, there is one reason I feel lots of fashion bloggers intuitively aware of, but probably don't think about much: you can be famous without losing your privacy. 


The paparazzi stalks Kim Kardashian and hounds and Kelly Osborne and screams bloody murder if Lady Gaga puts on a few pounds, but no one seems interested in what Chiara Ferragni ate for breakfast or who Susanna Lau may or may not have been hanging out with at the café in that city. It appears that the world of fashion blogging is strangely severed from the normal Hollywood-like press-filled one all other famous people, notorious or otherwise, seem to occupy. They get to pick which collaborations they do, which interviews to take, and when to disappear and reappear from the Internet scene with relatively little fuss. Other celebrities, however, can't turn down one brand collaboration for another without being judged for it, whether or not the publicity is positive. They can't go to the gym without some rude comment or adoring article on their body shape. 

Through blogging, we tell our readers exactly how much we want them to know about us, no more, no less. For example, this is the response Jessica Virgin (of the blog VintageVirgin) gave when asked about her son. 

source: VintageVirgin (Tumblr)
We are not doing our readers a favor by being a presence in the blogosphere. They are doing us the favor by taking time to care, and using us as inspiration to do whatever activities they do (which most likely consist of running their own fashion blogs). The media treats celebrity gossip like a public service, providing it to the world through every outlet possible. 

"We thought you might like to know when Hilary Duff has sex now that she's had a baby.You're welcome."

While we may all be into blogging for the love of fashion, it is a surprisingly prevalent (and generally silent) desire to want to be rewarded for hard work with popularity, where all that is sacrificed is time, not our entire lives.