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I don't actually endorse saying/signing rude things to people, but this post is an exception. This is the Trans-Q TV launch party.
 I've been gunning for the color red for forever, and I remember someone asking me if that was my "go-to or main color" earlier this semester. I, of course, said no, but after the previous outfit and this outfit, I'm not too sure anymore. Doesn't matter, though, because I think this was one of the most fun outfit I have worn in a while, for several reasons.
I got to dress a little "preppy", with the cardigan and the collared shirt. The shirt is one of my spring/summer favorites that I got from Forever 21 about a year ago. That was about as far as the preppiness went, but cardigans and collared shirts aren't something I wear together often, and it was super fun folding my shirt collar over the neck of the cardigan. Almost as pleasurable as reading a real book instead of an online one. Almost.
I FINALLY GOT THIS UNIF SWEATER. I'd been waiting for forever for them to be restocked in a size large, and when I found it on Dolls Kill on Black Friday, I had to snag them. So I did. As with the middle fingers above, this sweater is mostly for shock value, and I think it's so clever. That day was a very "I don't really care about other people's opinions" day (as I tend to have), due to people offering their unasked for opinions about why I dress the way I do and how that repels the male gender. Or something. I tend to ignore those people after a certain point. And this sweater gives them the message for me, which I find really snazzy.
You can't really tell, but I'm wearing these tuxedo striped pants, and I got them at Forever 21 over the summer. I haven't worn them much, because the weather hasn't really required long pants, but I'm glad I have some fun jeans to wear when it gets much colder out.
Earlier that day, I was actually not wearing combat boots, but was instead prancing around in these Studded Ankle Boots I got from NastyGal. They fit narrowly, though, and I decided that a) I would stretch them out later, and b) I didn't want to go to a launch party in a slight heel, because my feet would indubitably start hurting in an hour.
This was the first day I did my makeup. Like, I've never done makeup before, because I didn't find it necessary to look any better. But then I realized that I wanted to learn how to use my face to enhance my outfits by doing face art and all that, so i thought I'd start with basic cat-eyes and red lips, using Urban Decay products. Not too shabby, I'd say. In addition, the floral crown  that I got from babygurlhalos on Etsy was super cool and fit perfectly. Also, these dagger earring from Wasteland are just way too cool for everyday wear.
At the launch party, this was our host for the evening. Admit it, that jacket is frickin' fantabulous, and a little reminiscent of a highly sequined version of the military jackets in Green Day's "Welcome to the Black Parade" video. And the tutu. That thing is perfect.
The creator of Trans-Q TV, Suzie Silver, speaks here about her inspiration for the video series, and what she hopes its impact will be and where it will go in the future.
We can't ever warm up for a dance party without someone in a leotard leading! She was so much fun to dance along with, and the VJs' selections playing in the background were pretty epic (and distracting) as well.

I went to the launch party on a whim, but after spending about three hours with fabulously dressed transvestites and fierce transsexuals, and a wide variety of people with other sexual orientations, I realized that I appreciate and respect them for being people like you and I who know who they are, what they want to be, and aren't afraid to embrace that with vivacity and a good sense of humor, even in the face of ridicule. Everyone deserves a chance to show the world who they really are, and we should expand our collective mind to embrace unconventionality. Variety of life is what this country's all about, isn't it?

Check out Trans-Q TV's twitter, Facebook page, and blog