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These two items are the first legitimate pieces of clothing I've ever made (other than some hats and scarves, my many attempts at knitting sweaters failed when I got to the sleeves). Please excuse the crudeness of the cuts on the tank, I'm working on it!

I basically decided I wanted to make a skirt, and found this speckled grip liner on the same day I found the coupling that became this bracelet. I tried to make a process book, which is what the artist's statement is excerpted from, but I didn't draw every step of my thought process, because a good chunk of the design changed based on how tired I was, what ended up looking good, etc. 

The collar is two pieces of cardboard with the rubber glued to either side, then epoxy-glued onto the shirt fabric. I didn't actually think that particular design through, but I did write down what went well and what didn't when it came to the methods employed in the making of this ensemble. I will tell you right now that this collar is not going to make it because it's glued on, but it's nice to look at. 

 As you can see, the pocket is hand-stitched on. Funny story, I have a sewing machine, and I honestly haven't the smallest inkling how to use it. The one time I got it to make stitches, it turned out that I'd tangled the thread from the bobbin inside the machine and it was a whole mess I had to clean up later. So, my friend's teaching me how to use one this semester, and hopefully, when I return to mine, I will be able to use it with no fuss.