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The title is a little bit cheesy, I know. So is my face. Hope it's not too creepy. Rocking the no-pants look again, because it's a lazy lie-on-couch-watching-Doctor-Who-and-eating-ice-cream kinda day.
I'm pretty excited about using my wigs! I don't want to take them to school for multiple reasons (shedding, strange looks, the fact that this is the most normal-looking one, etc.), but I get the chance and extra time to be more creative at home, which is exciting. 
This is my favorite shot! It seems that accidents always turn out best, at least for me. As you can probably tell, I planned for this post big time. I bought balloons, a tiara, and some confetti! I also busted out a bottle of Sparkling Apple Cider, since my mom and I have had them since forever. I thought New Year's Day would be a good occasion to drink one...WITHOUT SHARING. 
I was pining after black lipstick not too long ago, but since it'd look weird on me, I thought I'd translate my desires into black balloons. I'm not a dark, brooding person, so I was a little interested in figuring out how to use black objects in a festive manner. I also picked black balloons because white ones probably wouldn't show up against the background. 
The phrase that comes to mind when I see this picture is "Party of One," which is funny, seeing as that's basically what this entire shoot was (if you cut out all time I spent between shots resetting the camera). It was fun, nonetheless. If you couldn't tell, I'm trying the job of a stylist, but complete with backgrounds and mini-storylines and all that jazz. I even made next semester's school schedule work out in such a way that I had enough time, space, and resources to plan and execute each shoot. I kid you not. This is fun.

Vintage Cow Sweater:  VonlenskaVintage on Etsy
Jeffrey Campbell Ballet Platforms: The Trend Boutique