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3d artist .

dj / producer .

videographer .

designer .

khadijat .


model: flora csejtey

This is my very first (legitimate) art piece ever! I've decided this was a good time to start building some sort of portfolio, in case I wanted to transfer to the College of Fine Arts within my university.

The title of the project for my class was "Head Case", in which we were supposed to create a headpiece for a partner that represented them in some way. Incidentally, my partner was one of my favorite people anyway, so I made her this warped picture frame-like...thing. It's very organic, down-to-earth, and simple, while still interesting and complex to some degree. Also, I wanted to make her dreads a major aspect of this piece, because they're awesome. 
I should have thought out the shape of the closure better, but I like how everything turned out overall. I got a B/B+ because my teacher said that the feathers were an unnecessary embellishment, and that I should focus on my strength, which is creating asymmetrical but balanced 3-dimensional shapes.  

I have two more projects to go until midterms, and I hope you like them!