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This is my first official attempt at making some sort of story out of an outfit  and I'd so happened to rediscover the song "Video Killed the Radio Star" last night.  So I decided that since I felt so bad for the radio star, I'd hold a mini-funeral as tribute. Actually, I just needed an excuse to reuse my black balloons from New Year's Day... I don't like funerals.
I decided to combine this wonderfully morbid post with a small idea I'd been toying with for a while, which was to make a veil. I don't know the first thing about veils, but I was looking for a fabric to use and decided to cut up a petticoat to make into a shawl (à la Susie Bubble). I had some extra material, so after seeing Andre J's veiled beanie in a Refinery29 video on how to walk in heels, my desire for a veil was solidified. So I literally just put the mesh in my hat, then put it on.

As you've probably noticed, this is my favorite hat. I wear this hat so often that most of you are probably unaware that I have a ridiculous hat collection. I have recently discovered that wide-brim hats are an awful idea for windy weather conditions.
This outfit got me thinking: would I ever truly wear a spiked bra to a funeral?
Hopefully that's not too irreverent.
Madrid Wool Hat: NastyGal
Spiked Bra: Karmaloop
Black Cardigan: Mom's closet(Vintage)
Velvet Skirt: Mom's closet (Vintage)
White Belt: Mom's closet
Shoes: Shoedazzle