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This post is a double-hitter kind of post, where I combine 2 posts in one. Because it makes more sense that way. 
In making my first sculpted piece of wearable art, I employed the use of spray paint. In the process, however, I ended up getting some paint onto the front of my hand me down Tims. So I spray painted the rest. And then I went hard in the paint. 

I've always been intrigued by the idea of complementary shoes. While they may not look similar, they  go together, and in this case, tell a story. These brown wedge boots, while not exactly outdoors material, is reminiscent of the color of the forest. The idea of hunters and gatherers popped into my head, and this complimentary shoe pair was born. I also thought that painting them both green-black would make the shoes highly unattractive. 

P.S All photos unedited except for crop/image size. Oh yes. I can be a photographer.