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Who: EMILLIUM= Emily Seul Ki Uhm, Korean-born London College of Fashion graduate with a Masters degree in fashion design and technology.
What: "Visual Illusion through Textile" collection, presented in February 2012. In this collection, she uses the Gestalt principles in the form of figure & ground, similarity, and continuation. It forces you to see a certain shape, and attribute that shape to the wearer, not the item of clothing itself, which is devoid of darts and is relatively unfitted. 
This cogsci major can dig it. 
Why: Not only does this collection provide a commentary on the raging size issue so prevalent in our society, but it also provides the artificial figure many women strive for, without the artificial silhouette. 
The colors are striking, and rightly so, in order to provide shocking figure/ground contrasts. The vibrant minimalism is a quality I am highly drawn to. In addition most of the collection is in pieces;  for example, the figure above is wearing 1-2 pieces in actuality, but we perceive it as 3, even though the pants and the top may be completely separate. Bold, bright, and intelligently designed all the way through, from vision to execution, I hope to see more of Emily Seul Ki Uhm in the fashion world soon enough.

To view the whole collection, click here