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KleanColor Nail Laquer in Black: Amazon
Gold Flakes: Amazon

I remembered I had some gold flake vials that had been sitting in a box for a few months, so I decided that I'd use one. I was originally going to use it on my face, but I was pretty lazy and decided (after seeing it somewhere on the Internet) that maybe my nails would be a better occasion for it. These vials are really tiny, but they go such a long way it's ridiculous. I used all the flakes you see not in the tube for both hands. 

I'm getting really frustrated that I can't wear rings because they're never in my size, and I can't wear bracelets because while my wrists a about average, my hands are much too large for me to hope that a bracelet would fit. The gold pinky ring? That's from part of a garden hose swivel I got at home depot. I'm using the two other parts as rings too. It's like a 3-for-1!