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Hey there! My recent post on Suzy Menkes' T Mag article made it into this week's Links à la Mode roundup!
I will, however point out a view on the topic I had not considered, written by Jenine Jacob (If You're Going to Criticize Bloggers, At Least Be Original About It). In it, she says that Fashion Week peacocking has been going on and has been complained about for so long, that it being major news now is not an attempt at an honest, objective view on the topic, but merely a ruse to drive an irate generation of bloggers to begin a word war. And hey, it worked. but I commend the step back Jenine takes in looking at all the complaints about and history of Fashion Week poseurs.
Check out this and 18 other great posts below!

The Circus of Fashion Goes On… 

Edited By Taylor Davies 


A lot has been made of Suzy Menkes’ “Circus of Fashion” article, published recently in T magazine. We responded to it here on IFB, as did The Man Repeller and as you’ll see below – members of our community. To round out this week’s selection, a carnival of content if you will, from NYFW to uber-trendy shoes. Enjoy! 


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