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Dress like a lady, think like a man.

I'm always more than open to trying new things, and am particularly intrigued by anything that challenges my ideas about how I view people. While fashion tend to succeed at presenting people in any kind of light they want, there is always one rogue collection that makes you do a triple, maybe even a quadruple-take. And so far, that collection seems to be Jean Paul Gaultier's Pre-Fall 2013 line.

The clean, sharp cuts and the unexpected blocks of leather almost gives one the feel of an almost minimalist mixed media art piece.
Not lost on the observer is the treatment of the model's aesthetic, namely the way her hair is styled, and the body language on each half of her body.
The line also features less austere pieces, switching up the crisp hard style by employing the use of color, pattern, and texture, and through small details such as leather elbow-high gloves, never losing the edge that characterizes the entire collection.

This model and this collection bring together two fabrics which signify almost opposite sides of the social and gender spectrum; leather for the edgy, tough, and crude, and wool for the classy sophisticate, with the hard cuts of menswear and the soft textures and fabrics of womenswear.

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