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Madrid Wool Hat: NastyGal
White Drop Shoulder Jacket: CO. by CottonOn
BDG Foil Twig Mid-Rise Jean: Urban Outfitters
Cheap Monday Ballerina Contrast Flatform:  Urban Outfitters

I've been dreaming of wearing this outfit for forever, but it was never warm enough, Today, it got into the high 30's/low 40's with no wind, so that was good enough for me. I'd bought the jacket, the pants, and the shoes specifically for putting them all together, and voilĂ ! I didn't pay attention to any of the reviews telling me how uncomfortable these flatforms were, and while they are stiff, cause blisters, and run small, I just applied some alcohol and tried to stretch them out best I could, so they're not actually that awful. I appreciate the interesting shape the shoes have, and the fact that they're flat make them more awesome!
In addition, I took top blogger Margaret Zhang's advice on wearing jackets much too big for you if you're petite, in which she claims that "the irrational fear of being seen as larger than you actually becomes unimportant - your arms and ankles speak the truth." My arms weren't exposed, but these awesome skinny jeans not only make my legs look great, but were a perfect contrast from the white, black, and grey I was sporting. I definitely think that the fact that about 2/3 of the pants are visible combats the fact that these are so loud and eye-catching. I got these because I wanted to be in on the holographic trend, but I didn't really want to look like a confetti cannon threw up all over me. Also, silver tends to make my nether parts look larger than they already are. So I though foil would be a nice alternative while I still got that shimmery look. Green is the greatest color available for these pants. I promise you.