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Out with the old, and in with the new. The worst and best trends of 2012/2013.


Galaxy Print.

I don't understand, you guys. What is it about a NASA image from space that ignites such a drawn-out trend in the world of fast fashion? It's pretty, yes, and it's novel. Understood. But I will be the first to say that not only is is harder to match (although challenges are always nice for the fashion-forward) but it's also pointless. The fact that the galaxy print is so disorganized, gaudy, and (sometimes) aesthetically confusing when in forms that are meant to encase the human body ensured its short life. The galaxy is something that is viewed as awful and beautiful, usually in the context of a vast expanse. By turning it into a fashion fad, we have essentially trivialized the wonderment that comes from thinking about how small and potentially insignificant we are in the universe, yet how we're still here. There's something real about knowing that you're special enough to exist, and it's crude that this print that NASA originally meant to use as a way for us to see what's outside our little system of planets has become a competition to see who looks better in it.  
Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe fashion, especially fast fashion, is meant to be vapid and mindless and fleeting. Maybe I shouldn't think twice about it. But I can't help feeling that looking at what should be a beautiful, uninterrupted image is just ugly when twisted and folded and stretched and pleated and used as a mold for a human being. 
Sometimes, it's not all about the individual.  


Clear Paneling.

Minimalism isn't necessarily hailed as the next big thing in fashion, mainly because it's not actually going anywhere anytime soon, but minimalism is beautiful. I imagine that it's challenging for any one fashionable minimalist to continuously create and re-create their image without falling into a ho-hum, uniform mode of dress. And yet, there are those who do so, continually, without fail. In addition to the generally black & white and the occasional primary color palette, there is a new(er) force in town. Clarity. 
It provides a sense of intrigue, being able to see parts of the whole, or it can create an illusion of fluidity in a way fabric can't provide.

Naturally, I'm inclined to say that a trend is worth looking out for if it's somehow incorporated in a Jeffrey Campbell shoe, but then I'd have to make a case for galaxy print, and, well....we all know that's not going to work out.  

P.S. Why/how does Jeffrey Campbell make SO MANY SHOES, knockoffs and (slightly questionable) originals alike?