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Hat: Amazon

Oversized jackets equal pseudo-coats in pseudo-cold weather. Fact. I've really been trying to keep myself colorful as of late, because everything I pick out to wear is duochromatic, usually, and I know it's an affect of the weather. This outfit, however, I've been planning out for a long, long time, waiting for the perfect temperature to wear it, and here it was! 37 degrees Fahrenheit, no windchill or precipitation. The dress's design is really awesome, because the detailing reminds me of La Muerte. Learning about the Mexican view of "Lady Death" as a saint and a protector of souls, and not necessarily a malignant entity was really compelling for me, strangely. It's been said that "life sucks and then you die." I'm feeling more like "life gets a little hard sometimes, but when you die, someone still cares." Too bad that's not catchy enough to be a cultural slogan. Also, it's a midi dress. I have three midi items in my closet, and I wanted to see how a midi cut would affect my shape, since all I ever gravitated to were minis, maxis, or pants. I've got to admit, I had NO IDEA that I had any of the curves this dress brought out (frontally, anyway), so I'm thinking of testing out more things I'd never thought I could pull off, like, clogs! 
Haha, just kidding, not a huge fan of clogs. 

Also, clothes from some non-brand name Amazon sellers are not only affordable, but reallytrulysuperduperawesomesauce, so I suggest you try to find one you like today!