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On acid. And ice. 
Acid Sweater: UNIF
Tulle Skirt: eBay
Feather Earring: Forever21
Jeffrey Campbell Munster: Karmaloop

I fell today while walking out of my dorm. I hadn't checked my phone before leaving, or else I would have seen the kind text my roommate sent me that said: "Be careful going outside. There's a solid sheet of ice right outside the door." I slipped on that ice, and I kinda did a half-fall, and caught myself with my hand. I didn't know how to explain to the people staring at me from their cars that it wasn't the shoes that made me fall, impractical as they seem. I mean, seriously, these things have treads. They are MEANT for this weather. Tims, Sorels and UGGs can go find someone else's winter shoe closet to live in. Needless to day, I'm addicted to these shoes. All my planned outfits as of late have revolved around them. Maybe it's not a sin, this once, to wear one pair of shoes for eternity. 

This is literally the greatest sweater I have ever seen. I have seen many a clever sweater courtesy of JW Anderson, Phillip Lim, and Jeremy Scott, but this just makes me want to smirk at everyone I pass by for no good reason. Maybe it's the blatant reference to a drug. I'm about as straightedge and prude as anyone I know, so I sometimes let my clothes help me pretend I'm a secret badass. 

I felt these earrings appropriate, though I'm not quite sure why. Accessorizing for accents' sake, I guess. 

I'm going to take this opportunity to give a quick thank-you to everyone who follows me, to my family and friends for supporting me, and to all the fashion communities I've joined both in real life and on the blogosphere for taking the time to recognize me and my opinions. You guys have been the greatest! ♥