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I hear it's Valentine's Day, or something. 
Velevetine Suedeberry LipStick: Lime Crime
Bunny Ears: Amazon
Letterz Dress: Lazy Oaf (Capsule Collection)
Faux Fur Coat: Boohoo
Jeffrey Campbell Munsters: Karmaloop

I'm not going to mince words with you guys. There is, actually, a legitimate reason as to why I wore bunny ears today. I believe that on Valentine's Day people tend to "get some" more. You know what else gets some? Rabbits. ALL THE TIME. 

That being said, I'm totally diggin' this outfit for too many reasons. 
1. The Suedeberry Velevetine Lipstick from Lime Crime is actually the greatest. Once you keep it on for about ten minutes after application of 1 (maybe 2?) coats, and you blot it, YOU CANT GET IT OFF. Eventually, with some Vaseline, it'll be all clean, but that was a glorious discovery. I still don't wear makeup often though. 

2. This dress from the Lazy Oaf Capsule Collection is da bomb. I could only buy one thing from them due to financial constraints, and I'm so happy I chose this. I warn you, it's a tiny bit see-through, and might ride up if you're well endowed in the butt, but that problem was easily resolved by using half of these black Widow suspender leggings by Lip Service (got 'em from Dolls Kill). I used those to hold my socks up, then used garters I got from Sock Dreams to hold my skirt down. 

3. The JC Munsters. I'm not even going to TRY to explain this to you guys. You see the awesome, am I right?

On a side note, I usually have nothing super intelligent to say about stuff I wear, because I like what I wear. For fear of turning this blog into a vapid, meaningless string of LET'S SPEND ALL THE MONEY WE DON'T HAVE ON ALL THE PRETTY THINGS WE CAN'T AFFORD AND WEAR THEM, expect a response to this article written about NYFW soon. 

Ooohhh.....the suspense.